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Jurassic World Evolution Screenshot 2019.08.27 -
Battle at Big Rock Update
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Free Update for Jurassic World Evolution

Update 1.9, also known as Battle at Big Rock Update was a free update for Jurassic World Evolution that was released on August 27, 2019. It added the Nasutoceratops and fixed various issues and bugs.[1]

New Features

  • Dinosaurs
    • Added the Nasutoceratops.
    • Fixed a situation where a park could become potentially immune to disease.
    • Fixed Troodon and Olorotitan fossil contracts from being offered too early during the main Campaign.
  • Buildings
    • Autocancel active research if the research centres requirement is not met. Add an extra line when deleting research centres to warn of this.
  • Stability
    • Fixed tutorial soft lock.
  • UI
    • Fixed incorrect dinosaur label when attempting to transport a dinosaur immediately after being notified that a Ranger/ACU tasks are full.
    • After deleting a save, remain on the same tab on the load/save UI, don't switch back to the default tab.
    • Palaeobotany feeder UI will now automatically close the more details tab to avoid focus issues.
    • Fixed erroneous 'medication successful' message when medication is not researched.


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