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Update 1.8.2
Update 1.8.2
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Free Update for Jurassic World Evolution

Update 1.8.2 was an update for Jurassic World Evolution added on June 25, 2019 containing some minor bug fixes.[1]

Release Notes


  • Fix for audio cutting out when rumble is active


  • Prevent small dinosaurs escaping through tour ride/gyrosphere gates
  • Pachycephalosaurid attack / defence re-balanced:
    • Assigned missing defence stats
    • Adjust stats to better reflect size differences
  • Fixed some Ouranosaurus animations
  • Adjusted the weight of Albertosaurus in InGen DB
  • Updated the InGen DB genus for Albertosaurus and Ouranosaurus
  • Updated closed eye animation for the Albertosaurus
  • Improvements to Spinoraptor fish feeder animations
  • Audio tweaks for the Spinoraptor and T.rex


  • Fixed sometimes showing incorrect dinosaur names for missions on Sanctuary


  • Scenery trees & rocks now are placed in water rather than on its surface
  • Fixed some graphical artefacts on the islands
  • Allow button rebind for scenery random rotation & entering delete mode


  • Fixed hang/softlock when backing out of greenhouse panel with your cursor over the greenhouse
  • Fixed a crash with dinosaur UI


  • Fixed missing HUD when replacing a seed in greenhouse
  • Added tooltips for Off-Grid Wu buildings (research centre, expedition centre, fossil centre)
  • Fixed greenhouse subtitle text truncation
  • Various localisation fixes