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Update 1.12.2
Update 1.12.2
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Free Update for Jurassic World Evolution

Update 1.12.2 was a free update for Jurassic World Evolution released on December 13, 2019 containing some minor bug fixes and the ability to drive the Park Tour vehicles in the Return to Jurassic Park DLC.[1]

Release Notes

  • Added unlock to allow driving of tour vehicles
  • Moved Pteranodon reputation unlock to Sorna Security to match the Aviary. Changed operations strength requirement of Pteranodon fossils to match.
  • Added track gate rotation to HUD control prompts and changed console button for gate rotation when editing the park tour track
  • Fixed map icon crashes
  • Fixed ACU helicopter occasionally clipping through the ground
  • Redwood trees now fulfill forest need
  • Restrooms now connect to paths correctly
  • Camera and audio fixes for JP buildings
  • Various UI fixes
  • Various text changes
  • Various localisation fixes