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Update 1.10
Update 1.10
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Free Update for Jurassic World Evolution

Update 1.10 was a free update for Jurassic World Evolution that was released on September 17, 2019. It added Sandbox Mode and the sand landscaping tool to all islands as well as other minor fixes. It was released alongside the Herbivore Dinosaur Pack.[1]

New Features

Update 1.10.1 Free Content

  • Sandbox Mode for all islands can now be unlocked (DLC islands need to have DLC purchased)
    • Islands are unlocked through Campaign Play
    • Research unlocks are checkpointed through Campaign Play

General Fixes & Tweaks

  • Contracts
    • Prevent offered Claire's Sanctuary dinosaur contracts prior to ability to unlock them
    • Fish eating dinosaurs are now included for carnivore specific contracts
  • Dinosaurs
    • Fixed Indoraptor sometimes not eating from carnivore feeders
    • Prevent issue where diseases will not break out on an island if it is populated with only carnivores
    • Adjusted minimum separation values for various dinosaurs to reduce intersection when they are grouping
    • Dinosaurs no longer graze immediately after release to stop clipping with other released dinos
    • Various animation fixes/tweaks
  • Terrain Tools
    • Allow player to paint over the building and path-generated dirt texture
  • Feeders
    • Improved how paleo feeders interact with the sandbox Infinite Feeders option:
      • When changing the desired plants for a paleo feeder, if Infinite Feeders is enabled, immediately populate the feeder with the desired plants, rather than waiting for a ranger to fill the feeder.
      • Don't show the "Requires Ranger Setup" prompt when modifying the feeder contents if Infinite Feeders is enabled.
  • Sandbox
    • Sandbox option now available from the Main Menu
    • Added option for Creative or Standard play styles for new Sandbox games - the usual options are still available once in the island
    • Standalone sandbox saves only occupy a single save slot (like Challenge Mode saves)
    • Disable the Hammond Foundation Fee sandbox setting when the Cash setting is "Unlimited", to better indicate to the player that the Hammond Foundation Fee has no effect when cash is unlimited
    • Increase the rain intensity value for Light Rain on Nublar, all Challenge, and all standalone Sandbox islands.
  • Stability
    • Fixed a crash when queuing vehicle tasks
    • Fixed crash when a dino is destroyed whilst cursor is over the dino when in the map
  • UI
    • Fixed some InGen DB entries to match values from paleobotany requirements
    • Inverting gamepad axis now only changes rotation for gamepad, and inverting keyboard axis now correctly changes rotation for keyboard
    • Volcanic diseased dinosaurs regenerate health to just before threshold to get rid of GUI spam
  • Vehicles
    • Despawn darts that hit low-LOD capsules of dinosaurs as this can make dart appear to float in air instead of hitting dinosaur