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What do you call a blind dinosaur? ... Do-you-think-he-saurus?
What do you call a blind dinosaur's dog? ... Do-you-think-he-saurus rex.

- Tim Murphy

Tim Murphy is a character mentioned in the InGen Database.

InGen Database Entry

Tim Murphy was John Hammond's grandson and younger brother of Lex . They arrived at Jurassic Park soon after Dr. Alan Grant and the rest of the review team, and joined them on their tour of the island . Tim recognized Dr. Grant and declared that he read the paleontologist's book. He had a deep appreciation for dinosaurs and was especially excited to be on the island.

The tour was curtailed when a storm approached the island. When Dennis Nedry cut the power, their vehicles stopped outside the Tyrannosaur paddock . Tim was the calmer of the two siblings when the T. rex attacked their car. They escaped with the help of Dr. Grant and Dr. Ian Malcolm who distracted the dinosaur with a flare.

Hiding overnight in a tree with Dr. Grant, they were awakened by a Brachiosaurus which Tim thought was very cool. At the Visitor Center they climbed over an electric fence used to contain the dinosaurs. Tim was hurled from the fence when the power came back on, but Dr. Grant managed to revive him with CPR.

In the Visitor Center, the children were hunted by the Velociraptor pack through the kitchen. They were able to escape and were saved by the T. rex establishing her dominance as the top predator on the island.

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