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The Tegama Beds is a dig site in Jurassic World Evolution. It is only available to players who have purchased the Deluxe Dinosaur Pack.

InGen Database Description

The Tegama Beds are a component within the Elrhaz Formation near Agadez in Niger. It dates to the Aptian stage of the Early Cretaceous epoch, 120 million years ago.

It is primarily formed from coarse sandstone. The region would once have been a lush and swampy environment.

The site is most famous for the discovery of Suchomimus, a large spinosaurid dinosaur. The holotype for this species was recovered here by Paul Sereno in 1988. The area also holds fossilized plants, invertebrate and vertebrate (such as dinosaur and crocodylomorph) remains. Most of the vertebrate remains lie in the basal channel log deposits.


  • The Tegama Beds is the only in-game dig site in Niger.
  • The Tegama Beds is the only dig site that features no base game dinosaurs while also having dinosaurs from multiple different DLC packs.

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