So here's our basic conundrum. We want to keep our animals under control while simultaneously encouraging instinctive behaviours, because these animals have potential as combatants.

- George Lambert[1]

The Security Division of the Hammond Foundation, led by George Lambert, is responsible for maintaining control over the dinosaur species in the Jurassic World operations in the Five Deaths, as well as exploring practical applications for more deadly species.

If you progress in security on Isla Muerta, you will unlock the Baryonyx. If you progress in this on Isla Tacano, you will unlock the Archaeornithomimus. If you complete the mission there, you will unlock Metriacanthosaurus. If you progress on Isla Pena, you will unlock the Carnotaurus. You can also unlock the Suchomimus that way, if you have the Deluxe Edition. Also on that island you can unlock the Giganotosaurus, if you complete the Security Division's mission. On Isla Sorna, progressing can get you the Indoraptor, as long as you have Indominus Rex and Velociraptor at 100% genome. In the “Secrets Of Dr. Wu“ DLC, Troodon can be unlocked on Muerta East

Buildings obtained by completing Security Contracts

- Security Center


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