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Not much gives me the chills. But this... this is something else. Now listen to me very carefully; it is imperative that you keep the Scorpios rex under control. If this thing escapes... well, I'm not even gonna go there.

Scorpios rex is a genetically modified species of dinosaur in Jurassic World Evolution 2. The Scorpios rex was a hybrid dinosaur frozen and held captive in InGen’s secret tunnels until it escaped. It is also the central antagonist of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 3. There are two known individuals: the first one created by Henry Wu, with the second one being asexually reproduced by the original.

In Evolution 2, the Scorpios rex is included in the Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack.


During the progression of Jurassic World, Dr. Henry Wu was tasked by Eli Mills to create a hybrid dinosaur. Wu's attempts were ordered numerically, culminating in the last version named E750. While Simon Masrani was aware of a hybrid being created, he deemed the Scoripos rex "too grotesque" for public display. Wu was attacked at some point by his creation, and it was decided that the hybrid was too dangerous to be contained entirely. As a final response, Wu placed his creation in a cryogenic sleep, ending the hybrid project.

During the Isla Nublar Incident of 2015, a deserted group of campers found the Scorpios rex's containment tube, and unintentionally warmed the chamber. After further damage from a Compsognathus, Wu's failed hybrid emerged.

The animal reproduced via parthenogenesis after escaping from the facility and created a duplicate offspring that was equally aggressive, to the point where both would unflinchingly attack each other. The rampaging hybrids then proceeded to kill various dinosaurs on the island, including Ceratosaurus, Gallimimus, Brachiosaurus, and Parasaurolophus. The only animal they were incapable of killing was Bumpy, a subadult Ankylosaurus. The campers acquire a tranquilizer gun they found in the old Visitor Centre to sedate the hybrids. After being assisted by Blue the Velociraptor, both Scorpios rex were crushed by the collapsing Visitor Centre.

Later on, the campers accidentally destroy Dr. Wu's laptop, rendering the recreation of more Scorpios rex impossible. However, its genetic legacy was continued with the creation of the Indoraptor after the Indominus rex's death.[1]


Scorpios rex shares many similarities with the much later Indoraptor, though with a much shorter snout. It has black scales and a yellow belly. A series of venomous quills also decorate its head and tail, acquired from the use of scorpionfish DNA. The forelimbs of the Scorpios rex are nearly as long as its hindlimbs, which can help stabilize the animal in a quadrupedal position.



The Scorpios Rex is highly territorial, disliking everything, much like the Indoraptor. The Scorpios requires live prey to be satisfied. When fighting other dinosaurs, it uses its tail to attack and envenomates its rival. It's powerful enough to kill the Indominus Rex and the Indoraptor.

(It's unknown if this was intentional or not, but when a player opened the gate to see how the Scorpios rampages, it didn't seem interested in escaping and attacking. This resembles its in-universe behavior where it's docile, but it can instantly become aggressive)



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