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Species Profile - Sauropelta

Species Profile - Sauropelta

This dinosaur, the Sauropelta, is a valuable species.

- Cabot Finch

Sauropelta is a genus of nodosaurid dinosaur that originated from Early Cretaceous North America. The earliest known genus of nodosaurid as well as one of the most well-understood, Sauropelta is first unlocked by the Hammond Foundation through expeditions available on Isla Sorna.


The base genome of of Sauropelta has a grey body with dark grey armour running down its back. Most notably it has two huge spikes on it shoulders and smaller rows of spines along its neck. It also has a beaked mouth.


Sauropelta is an unsociable animal. It lives in pairs and doesn't like other animals around it. It'll fight with other armoured dinosaurs, including other Sauropelta, if the exhibit is too crowded for its liking.


Sauropelta is one of the best understood of the nodosaurs, with many specimens found. Like all nodosaurs, it had bony armour running from its head to its tail. However, Sauropelta has unique spikes on its neck. These large spikes may've been an adaptation to ward off dromeosaurids such as Deinonychus, which usually attack the prey's neck. The spikes would've also been effective against larger predators such as Acrocanthosaurus. Half of the dinosaur's length is its tail, which is unusual in nodosaurs. The reason why the tail is so long is unknown currently, but one theory is that it had spikes that acted as a sort of 'scissor' weapon, much like the nodosaur Gastonia that lived slightly earlier.


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  • Sauropelta was the twenty-first dinosaur to receive a Species Profile. Before its official confirmation on June 1 2018, Sauropelta was first mentioned in an official tweet.
  • For reasons unknown, in-game Sauropelta can be found in the Morrison Formation, despite the fact that Sauropelta appeared almost 38 million years after the youngest layers of the Morrison. This could be a reference to similar dinosaurs found at the Morrison Formation such as Gargoyleosaurus and the similarly named Mymoorapelta or that the Cloverly Formation lies just above the Morrison.
  • Sauropelta is one of the few dinosaurs in the game with no prior depictions in the franchise's media.
  • Sauropelta is considered as the least social dinosaur in the game.
  • Sauropelta is the second largest ankylosaur in the game, after Ankylosaurus.


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