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This is Sanctuary. A place where the dinosaurs can finally be safe. Here, we can start again and, having learned from our mistakes, create an environment that allows them to flourish. I hope you're ready because I sure am.

Sanctuary is an island that appears in the Claire's Sanctuary DLC.

InGen Database Description

Benjamin Lockwood’s Island Sanctuary was the intended refuge of the Isla Nublar dinosaurs from the imminently erupting Mount Sibo. Sanctuary was to be a place where the dinosaurs could live out their natural lives with minimal human intervention. Before this dream could be realized, however, Lockwood’s plans were hijacked by Eli Mills, who transported the dinosaurs to Lockwood Manor to be auctioned.


Upon arriving at Lockwood Manor, Claire Dearing is briefed by Eli Mills and Benjamin Lockwood that they have an island that will serve as a refuge for the dinosaurs that were planned to be rescued from Isla Nublar. However, Mills fabricated the sanctuary story as he intended to sell the captured dinosaurs in order to gain funding for the creation and perfection of the Indoraptor.


Follow Claire Dearing’s lead to overcome the odds and create the ultimate dinosaur refuge in Challenge Mode on Sanctuary.
- Challenge Mode description

Sanctuary is an island with an unknown location in the proximity of the Muertes Archipelago. Claire describes the island by saying that it "offers the best hope for the de-extinct creatures residing on the now doomed Isla Nublar."



Euoplocephalus, unlocked via mission progression on Sanctuary.

The new Jurassic Tour attraction alongside Ouranosaurus, both unlocked via mission progression on Sanctuary.

Greenhouse, unlocked via mission progression on Sanctuary.

Albertosaurus and Euoplocephalus


Challenge Mode

Any Difficulty Unlock Jurassic Difficulty Unlock

Alpineicon.png Albertosaurus
Alpine Pattern

Rainforesticon.png Euoplocephalus
Rainforest Pattern



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