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The subject of this article is a character from the Jurassic lore.
The subject of this article is from the InGen Database.

- Ray Arnold

Ray Arnold is the chief engineer of Jurassic Park and a character mentioned in the InGen Database.

InGen Database Description

Ray Arnold was a gruff, no-nonsense professional who was chief engineer of the original Jurassic Park, in charge of all electrical and mechanical systems on the island. An everyman of immense talent, he was instrumental not only in the operation of the original facility, but also its design.

After Dennis Nedry sabotaged the computer systems and collapsed the power grid, Arnold rebooted the system on orders from John Hammond. Although the computers came back online, the security and power grid did not, so he set off to reboot them on his own.

This would be Arnold's final act, as his severed arm was later discovered by Dr. Ellie Sattler. The rest of him was never found.


  • Ray Arnold previously appeared in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, considered by many to be Jurassic World Evolution's spiritual predecessor.

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