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Whatever the reason, this... this need to somehow have mastery over dinosaurs... this is our mistake. We need their trust. Turning them on each other isn't going to get us there.
- Owen Grady[1]

Owen Grady is a Dinosaur Behavior Expert, who was employed by InGen in 2012 to work on the IBRIS project, tasked with measuring Velociraptor intelligence.[2] He, along with Claire Dearing, was a key figure in the 2015 incident which resulted in the abandonment of Jurassic World on Isla Nublar.[2]


Owen Grady, a former SEAL of the US Navy, was recruited by InGen's Security Division in 2012 to work on the IBRIS Project, tasked with studying the behaviour and intelligence of Velociraptors. Despite the vicious nature of the raptors, Grady used training and imprinting, to become recognised as the "alpha" of a pack of four Velociraptors.[2] Nevertheless, he resisted InGen's attempts to militarise the dinosaurs, believing that they should never be released into the field.[2]

In 2015, Grady, along with Claire Dearing, played a crucial role in saving tourists from the rampage of the genetically modified hybrid known as the Indominus rex. When security chief Vic Hoskins released Grady's pack of raptors in an effort to hunt down the Indominus, Grady begrudgingly agreed, and while they briefly turned against him, the pack leader Blue recognised Grady's authority and attacked the hybrid.[2] In the aftermath of the incident, which resulted in the death of all the raptors with the exception of Blue, the park on Isla Nublar was abandoned and Grady began a relationship with Dearing.[2]

Based on his experience during the incident, Grady developed the "Grady Protocols", a series of guidelines to understand instinctive dinosaur behaviour.[3]


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