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Species Profile – Ouranosaurus

Species Profile – Ouranosaurus

I've just heard from the lab. We have a new Ouranosaurus. You did it.
- Claire Dearing

Ouranosaurus is a genus of ornithopod dinosaur that originated from Early Cretaceous Africa. A basal hadrosaur, Ouranosaurus also possesses a hump-like sail on its back, similar to that of the Acrocanthosaurus.

Upon completion of the Claire's Sanctuary story missions, Ouranosaurus becomes available in the main campaign by progressing through the Entertainment Division on Isla Sorna, where its fossils can subsequently be excavated in the Tegama Beds.


Ouranosaurus is a medium-sized ornithopod with hadrosaur-like snout and tall neural spines on its back.


Ouranosaurus was originally believed to have been an iguanodontid, but recent studies suggest that it may be a basal hadrosaur. Compared to Iguanodon, the skull of Ouranosaurus is longer and flatter, with more similarities to hadrosaurs such as Edmontosaurus. Another feature of the skull is a pair of horns above its eyes, which may have been used as a display. Other similar horns can be found on Albertosaurus and Maiasaura.

The most famous feature of Ouranosaurus is the tall neural spines. At first, these spines were thought to support a display sail like that of the Spinosaurus, but recent analysis suggests they are too thick to support a sail and resemble vertebrae of bison and camels. Most modern reconstructions, therefore, give it a fatty hump instead.


Ouranosaurus fossils are found in the Elrhaz Formation in Niger where the environment consisted of fluvial sandstones and sand dunes. Here it lived alongside the spinosaur Suchomimus, the sauropod Nigersaurus, the ornithomimosaur Afromimus, as well as the ornithopods Lurdusaurus and Elrhazosaurus. The main threats to Ouranosaurus were the theropods Kryptops; Suchomimus and Eocarcharia, the latter being an ancestor of Carcharodontosaurus. As well as these land-based threats, there was also the enormous crocodilian Sarcosuchus in the water.



  • Ouranosaurus appeared in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, considered by many to be Jurassic World Evolution's spiritual predecessor.


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