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Species Profile - Olorotitan

Species Profile - Olorotitan

The Olorotitan, or "Gigantic Swan", was a duckbilled dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous period. According to Dr. Dua's notes anyway... Heh, a duckbill don't seem all that swan-like to me though.

- Cabot Finch

Olorotitan is a genus of hadrosaurid dinosaur that originated from Late Cretaceous Asia. A large, graceful herbivore, Olorotitan is included in the Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC and becomes available to Hammond Foundation operations upon completion of the Science Division's mission in the Muerta East facility.



Olorotitan has a minimum herd requirement of three individuals and is unique in that it requires a population of four, either of fourth Olorotitan or another dinosaur. Due to their population tolerances, they make excellent additions to mixed herbivore exhibits. However, it is not advised to house them with any carnivorous species, as they cannot defend themselves.


Olorotitan was discovered in eastern Russia's Udurchukan Formation, and described by Pascal Godefroit in mid-2003. Its name means "titanic swan" for its neck, which was much longer than those of other hadrosaurs. It was closely related to the more famous and well-known Lambeosaurus, as well as CorythosaurusTsintaosaurus, and Hypacrosaurus. The elaborate crest of the Olorotitan has helped paleontologists in reconstructing a more accurate crest for the Tsintaosaurus, which was initially believed to have a horn that resembles that of a narwhal.

Olorotitan is currently the most complete lambeosaurine hadrosaur found outside of North America and lived during later stages of the Cretaceous than many of its North American relatives. During the Maastrichtian stage, lambeosaurine hadrosaurs had become very rare in North America, but some like Olorotitan, were still thriving in Asia.

Another type of dinosaur that lived alongside Olorotitan was Charonosaurus, which was very similar to Parasaurolophus and lived on the Chinese banks of the Amur river.

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  • Olorotitan was added with the Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC on November 20, 2018, along with Troodon, Ankylodocus, Stegoceratops, and Spinoraptor.
  • Unlike its real-life counterpart, the game's Olorotitan has an upright posture when standing on two feet. In reality, it would've walked primarily on four legs, but when running on two, it would remain a horizontal posture.
  • Despite the name, Olorotitan is not the largest hadrosaur. Edmontosaurus could potentially weigh 7 tons, while the gargantuan Shantungosaurus might have been the largest non-sauropod land animal of all time.
  • Olorotitan is one of the few dinosaurs in the game with no prior depictions in the franchise's media.



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