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The Mosses are a genetically engineered food source for herbivores in Jurassic World Evolution.

InGen Database Description

Mosses are small, non-vascular, non-flowering plants that grow all over the world in shaded and humid environments and reproduce using spores. Root-like rhizoids anchor mosses in place, but do not absorb water and nutrients like roots. Mosses are fragile and as such, fossil evidence is rare, nonetheless fossils have been discovered that date back to the Permian period, just under 300 million years ago.

Mosses have been used traditionally in bedding, or as insulation in homes and clothes. The liquid-retention of mosses, up to 20 times their mass, have a number of applications: peat mosses were used in World War 1 as an absorbent wound dressing, and water moss has been used in the UK to extinguish fires. Moss is a popular component of many Japanese gardens, as it is said to instill an ancient sense of peace in its environment.

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