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This is a list of all the missions in Jurassic World Evolution and its expansions.

Sciencemissionicon.png Missions given by the Science Division.
Entertainmentmissionicon.png Missions given by the Entertainment Division.
Securitymissionicon.png Missions given by the Security Division.
Wueraicon.png Missions given by Dr. Henry Wu during Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC campaign.
Claireeraicon.png Missions given by Claire Dearing during Claire's Sanctuary DLC campaign.
JPeraicon.png Missions in the Return to Jurassic Park DLC campaign.

Base game

Isla Matanceros

Isla Muerta

Isla Tacaño

Isla Pena

Isla Sorna

Secrets of Dr. Wu

Muerta East

Tacaño Research Facility

Claire's Sanctuary

Nublar North


Return to Jurassic Park

Isla Nublar (1993)

Isla Sorna (1993)

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