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OK, this latest animal is also a flyer: the Maaradactylus. Its name is based on an ancient legend of a chief's daughter. Her name was Maara… turned by sorcery into a river monster with long teeth that devoured fishermen! Heh, change a few details, and this could be my ex!

Maaradactylus is a genus of flying reptile in Evolution 2. It originated from Early Cretaceous South America.




Being a small and flimsy-statured pterosaur, Maaradactylus behaves much like its close cousin the Cearadactylus. As with most other flying reptiles, they will generally just fly around, land to rest and hunt for fish at the feeder with others of its kind. A moderately sociable species, it likes to live in small flocks in order to stay comfortable. They have a natural predisposition to be agressive and kill other pterosaurs.




Behind the scenes

Maaradactylus was first revealed to be in Evolution 2 on the 30th October 2021 via a leak by french youtuber RETRO GAME FUTURE.



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