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The Lourinhã Formation is a dig site in Jurassic World Evolution.

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The Lourinhä Formation lies on the western coast of Portugal and is named for the municipality where it is located. The formation dates to the Late Jurassic epoch, 150 million years ago.

The site contains fauna similar to that found at the Morrison Formation in the United States and the Tendaguru beds in Tanzania. Tide-influenced fluvial and tidal-bore deposits are also present, indicating a coastal environment.

A wide range of dinosaur remains have been found here along with fossil tracks and dinosaur eggs. Dinosaur eggs were found in the lower Amoreira-Porto Novo member, Praia Azul member and Bombarral member. Many recovered eggs contained embryonic material, and the Lourinhä Formation has the oldest sauropod and theropod nest with embryos known so far. Insect and mammal remains have also been unearthed.

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