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It is the diversity of life we are discovering that I find to be most interesting. Take this animal, the Liopleurodon, for instance. This is a carnivorous marine reptile that is optimized for efficiency – both for swimming effortlessly through the water, and for relentlessly hunting its prey. And what nature created, we can recreate – and maybe, if I can be so bold, improve upon. Or, at least, find ways to exploit.

Liopleurodon is a genus of marine reptile in Evolution 2. It originated from Middle-Late Jurassic Europe.


A smaller relative of Kronosaurus, Liopleurodon was the apex predator of the Jurassic seas in Europe.






Behind the scenes

Liopleurodon was first confirmed to be in the game in an interview with Game Director Rich Newbold which was uploaded to youtube by user Geektown on October 8, 2021.[1]



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