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The Kirtland Formation is a dig site in Jurassic World Evolution.

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The Kirtland Formation is located in the San Juan Basin in Colorado and New Mexico. It sits beneath the Ojo Alamo Formation and above the Fruitland Formation. It dates to the Campanian stage of the Late Cretaceous epoch, 73 million years ago. It was originally named the Kirtland Shale by Bauer in 1916.

The formation was formed from alluvial mud and sand deposits from the rivers and streams draining the coastal plain of the Western Interior Seaway. Coal and coal bed methane are also present here.

The first ceratopsid bones were unearthed here in 1910 and described by Barnum Brown. Several other expeditions recovered fragmentary remains. In 1997, a major effort by the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, and the State Museum of Pennsylvania conducted extensive surveys.

The location is the source of a variety of fossils including fish, Pterosaurs and turtles. It is known as one of the latest Cretaceous faunas in south-west North America.

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