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No matter what anyone else says, science is what makes or breaks us. Admittedly, sometimes both.

- Dr. Kajal Dua

Kajal Dua is the lead scientist and geneticist of the Jurassic World operations on the islands of the Muertes Archipelago, and serves as the head of the Science Division of the Hammond Foundation. Blunt and fiercely dedicated to her work, Dua is keen to remain at the forefront of genetic paleo-science.


A graduate of Berkeley and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she achieved doctorates in both archaeology and biology, Kajal Dua was initially reluctant to accept an offer to work as a geneticist with the Hammond Foundation when approached, though her desire to be at the forefront of scientific discovery prompted her to accept.[1] Upon rising to the position of chief geneticist, as well as the head of the Hammond Foundation's Science division, charged with cloning new dinosaurs, Dr. Dua had already established fraught relations with Security chief George Lambert, while former InGen chief geneticist Dr. Henry Wu held a low opinion of her.



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