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The Jurassic Tour provides visitors with the prehistoric safari experience of a lifetime. Six-wheeler trucks carry guests long distances in safety and comfort throughout dinosaur enclosures.
- In-game description

The Jurassic Tour is an attraction in Evolution, which allows guests to ride around dinosaur enclosures in tour trucks. While the tour is unlocked after completing the second mission on Sanctuary, a five star park on Sanctuary is required to unlock drivable tour trucks.


A relatively small building, the Jurassic Tour can be placed along a Fence. Once placed, players construct a path for tour trucks to follow, which automatically removes trees in the way. However, the path cannot be placed over water. The tour truck path can also be routed through fences to create a path that travels through multiple exhibits. The Jurassic Tour, along with the Gyrostation, is one of only two buildings in the Enclosure category which increases the fun criteria of the Facility Rating, thus making it a useful building in any park.

Inventory Expense
Value Tour $6
Standard Tour $10
Deluxe Tour $26


Icon Jurassic Tour Upgrades Cost
Drivable Jurassic Tour
Allows vehicles at the Jurassic Tour to be manually controlled.
Unlocked with a 5 star rating on Sanctuary.


If the player chooses to ride the Jurassic Tour, certain dinosaur specific and generic quotes will be heard from the park's announcer.

Additionally, while within a certain proximity to the Jurassic Tour building, you will hear an announcer saying several lines of dialogue, mainly safety procedures. These include:

  • Get ready for the Jurassic Tour. This off-road adventure has been designed with your safety and enjoyment in mind.
  • Welcome to the Jurassic Tour! The most exiting way to experience our dinosaurs in their environments.
  • Welcome to the Jurassic Tour. Travel back in time with us and witness the [expand].
  • Thank you for choosing the Jurassic Tour for your dinosaur adventure today.
  • For your safety, keep you arms and legs in the vehicle at all times.
  • This tour can encounter difficult terrain and you must keep your seatbelt fastened until the ride is complete.

The announcements are spoken in English, Japanese, French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Behind the scenes

The Jurassic Tour is based on the Gallimimus Valley ride that appeared in Jurassic World.[1]



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