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Isle of Wight is a dig site in Jurassic World Evolution.

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The Isle of Wight supports one of the richest dinosaur fossil locations in Europe. It contains elements from the Wessex Formation and the Wealden Group. It is located off the southern coast of the United Kingdom and dates to the Early Cretaceous epoch, 130 million years ago.

It was once situated where North Africa is today and remained stable for 10 million years.

The region was once a large coastal river valley including swamps and ponds, with a subtropical climate. Sediments of mudstone are dominant with some interbedded sandstone.

A large number of dinosaur remains have been recovered from what is one of the richest sites in Europe, with over 20 dinosaur species discovered. Dinosaur footprints can also be seen at Compton Bay. Bird, turtle, crocodile, and mammal fossils have also been found.

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