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There was another island near here, where an amusement park was built over the bones of an abandoned one. “Spared no expense”, as Hammond would say. “A biological preserve”. Yeah, you may have heard about it. At least... the stuff that wasn't classified.

Isla Tacaño is an island in the Muertes Archipelago, located south-east of Isla Sorna and west of Isla Pena. Similar to Isla Matanceros, Isla Tacaño has a generally calm climate, experiencing only light rainstorms. When first visited, the island is in the midst of an economic downturn, forcing the park manager to bulldoze the island's existing infrastructure before creating their own park.

Progressing through Isla Tacaño will unlock access to Isla Pena at three stars and the Coastal cosmetic gene at five stars. Located separately from the main area, Dr. Henry Wu operates a facility at the Tacaño Research Facility, which can be accessed through the Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC.

InGen Database Description

Isla Tacaño is the second-smallest island in the Cinco Muertes Archipelago. It lies between Isla Sorna and Isla Pena. There was an attempt to start up operations here before.
This island is infamous for its rugged terrain that makes construction near impossible in many regions. Thankfully its weather is calmer than some of the other islands.


In the 1980s, the islands of the Muertes Archipelago, including Isla Tacaño, were purchased from the Costa Rican government by InGen, in a 99-year lease which also covered the neighbouring Isla Nublar to the east.[1] Although InGen was not known to operate a facility on Isla Tacano, Costa Rican fishermen were apprehensive about the entire island chain.[2]


A Jurassic World park on Isla Tacaño.

Located south-east of Isla Sorna, the mountainous Isla Tacaño is the second smallest island in the Muertes Archipelago, dominated largely by peaks and highlands. The area of Tacano available to the Hammond Foundation for Jurassic World operations is located on the banks of the island's lake, in the relatively flat south-east of the island.[3]

Players often find difficulty in developing Isla Tacaño, as the island's progression begins with the player in deficit. As such, demolishing the island's old facility, such as the Innovation Center, and focusing on cheap, yet visitor popular dinosaurs such as the Ceratosaurus, will help the player build a healthier income.

Tacaño Research Facility

In addition to the main area of the island, the Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC includes a new area of the island known as the Tacaño Research Facility, where players aid Dr. Henry Wu in further developing his hybrids, unlocking the Ankylodocus, Stegoceratops and Spinoraptor.



Herrerasaurus, available in the Carnivore Dinosaur Pack and unlocked on Isla Tacano.

Sciencecentreicon.png Science

Unlocks Herbivore Nodosaurus

Stygimoloch, unlocked on Isla Tacano.

Visitorcentreicon.png Entertainment

Unlocks Gyrostation

Metriacanthosaurus, unlocked by completing the Security Mission on Isla Tacano.

Securitycentreicon.png Security

Unlocks Carnivore Metriacanthosaurus


Dinosaur Requirement Availability
Herbivore Archaeornithomimus Security Division progression Deluxe Dinosaur Pack
Herbivore Brachiosaurus Available via expeditions Base game
Carnivore Deinonychus
Herbivore Diplodocus
Herbivore Dreadnoughtus Science Division progression Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack
Herbivore Gallimimus Available via expeditions Base game
Carnivore Herrerasaurus Science Division progression Carnivore Dinosaur Pack
Herbivore Homalocephale Security Division progression Herbivore Dinosaur Pack
Herbivore Maiasaura Available via expeditions Base game
Carnivore Metriacanthosaurus Completion of Security Division mission
Herbivore Nodosaurus Completion of Science Division mission
Herbivore Parasaurolophus Available via expeditions
Herbivore Stygimoloch Entertainment Division progression
Herbivore Torosaurus Available via expeditions
Herbivore Tsintaosaurus
Carnivore Tyrannosaurus

Challenge Mode

Any Difficulty Unlock Jurassic Difficulty Unlock

Coastalicon.png Parasaurolophus
Coastal Pattern

Vividicon.png Brachiosaurus
Vivid Pattern


  • Isla Tacaño is unlocked in Jurassic World Evolution with a three-star facility on Isla Muerta.
  • Isla Tacaño is the only island where the player starts out with a negative balance.



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