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Isla Nublar
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My story with the dinosaurs began here, at Isla Nublar. This island is where I came to first question everything I knew. Everything I held dear. Not because what happened here was impossible. Obviously, it wasn't.

- Dr. Ian Malcolm

Isla Nublar is a volcanic island located 120 miles west of Costa Rica, and 87 miles east of the Las Cinco Muertes archipelago. The island was the site of both the original Jurassic Park and its second incarnation—Jurassic World.[2]


Prior to its discovery by the Spanish navigator Diego Fernandez in 1525, Isla Nublar had been settled by a tribe known as the Bribri, who referred to the island as Guá-Si, meaning "Water House". The Spanish cartographer Nicolas de Huelva of the carrack La Estrella is later credited in naming the island, upon seeing a "cloud island" off the coast of Costa Rica.[3] Over the course of the next four centuries, the native Bribri were gradually displaced, and by 1987, the remaining inhabitants were resettled to the mainland by InGen, which had leased the island, and the neighbouring islands of the Muertes Archipelago, from the Costa Rican government.[3]

Under the leadership of billionaire John Hammond, InGen began development of Jurassic Park, where resurrected dinosaurs would be displayed to the public. During construction of the park, a Jurassic Park security officer was killed by a Velociraptor being transferred into a holding pen. In the aftermath, development of the park reached a standstill, prompting InGen's investors to demand Hammond invite a team of experts to travel to the island and give their endorsement of its viability and security.[4] Simultaneously, in an act of corporate espionage, a rival genetics company sought out disaffected park worker Denis Nedry to upload a virus into Jurassic Park's security system and steal the dinosaur embryos stored on the island.[4]

During the inspection, Nedry's plan was set into motion, and by disabling the electrified fencing, many of the island's dinosaurs broke free from their enclosures, resulting in numerous deaths and the abandonment of the island to the dinosaurs.[4] In the aftermath, the events on Isla Nublar were successfully covered up by InGen while "magnetic disturbances" surrounding the island, advising boaters to stay away.[5] A year after the incident, clean up teams were sent to the island to bring it under control, during which InGen's chief geneticist Dr. Henry Wu assisted in cataloguing the animals remaining on the island, and determined the reason why several animals had begun breeding.[6]

In 1997, Masrani Global acquired InGen and began preparations for the construction of "Jurassic Park's second incarnation" on Isla Nublar. Construction of the project lasted two years from 2002 to 2004, and when Jurassic World opened to the public in 2005, it received 98,120 visitors in its first month.[3] However, the construction of Jurassic World was criticised by conservationist groups, as both the biosphere and territories established by the dinosaurs on both Nublar and Isla Sorna were thrown into chaos, with dinosaurs shipped between the two islands with little consideration for their well being.[7]

Although the park remained successful, attracting thousands of visitors each day, by 2015, profits began to slip, prompting InGen to create a dinosaur hybrid dubbed the Indominus rex in an effort to boost public interest. However, in December 2015, the Indominus escaped from its enclosure and began a rampage on the island, leading to a chain reaction which resulted in Jurassic World being evacuated and the island itself abandoned to the dinosaurs.[7] After the incident, the remaining dinosaurs on Isla Nublar were left to fend for themselves while the outside world argued on their eventual fate. Over the next several years, species such as Metriacanthosaurus and Edmontosaurus fell back into extinction, while reports surfaced of illegal poaching activities on the island. In 2017, Mount Sibo, the island's once dormant volcano roared to life, threatening the last remaining dinosaurs with extinction.[7]




A park on Isla Nublar.

Isla Nublar is the island where it all began, with both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World built here. It is up to you to succeed where others have failed before you.

- In-game description

Isla Nublar is home to the sandbox mode in Jurassic World Evolution, where players have unlimited funds and power to create their idealised park, without the restrictions present on the islands of the Muertes Archipelago. As players progress through the career mode in the Five Deaths, research and dinosaurs unlocked will become available on Nublar, which in turn, is unlocked with a four star park on the first island—Isla Matanceros.[8] In addition to unlimited funds, players can also control other aspects of the game experience, such as the time of day, which can variate between daytime, dusk and night, the severity of weather events, and can trigger disasters such as power outages, disease epidemics, and dinosaur escapes.[8]


  • Isla Nublar is the only island with a sandbox mode.


Jurassic World Evolution Sandbox Mode Reveal - IGN First

Jurassic World Evolution Sandbox Mode Reveal - IGN First


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