As if prehistoric creatures weren’t enough to contend with, on this next island, Isla Muerta, you may have-uh, some meteorological events. You know, storms, extreme weather. That kind of thing. From time to time.

- Dr. Ian Malcolm

Isla Muerta, also known as Site C, is the second Jurassic World island operation, located in the Muertes Archipelago between Isla Matanceros to the north, and Isla Sorna to the south. Although known for its pleasant sunsets, Isla Muerta is often hit by powerful storms, while the island's geography necessitates monorails to connect different regions.[1]The island also has a section which can be purchased in the dlc which is smaller than the main section


In the 1980s, the islands of the Muertes Archipelago, including Isla Muerta, were purchased from the Costa Rican government by InGen, in a 99-year lease which also covered the neighbouring Isla Nublar to the east.[2] Although InGen was not known to operate a facility on Isla Muerta, Costa Rican fishermen were apprehensive about the entire island chain.[3]

The Secrets of Dr. Wu

The Secrets of Dr. Wu allows the player to gain access to new dinosaurs such as Troodon and Olorotitan from Security and Science missions. 


Isla Muerta offers a greater challenge than the starting island. While it can enjoy pleasant sunsets, it is often ravaged by storms. Some areas can only be accessed via Monorail links.

- In-game description




  • Isla Muerta is the second island available to players, and will prove more challenging to players than Isla Matanceros.


Jurassic World Evolution 20 Minutes of Isla Muerta Gameplay - IGN First

Jurassic World Evolution 20 Minutes of Isla Muerta Gameplay - IGN First


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