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The Iguanodon Mine is a dig site in Jurassic World Evolution. It was added with the Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack.

InGen Database Description

The Sainte-Barbe pit, located in Bernissart, Belgium, and informally known as the 'Iguanodon Mines', was a coal mine that in 1878 was the source of a remarkable discovery: dozens of highly complete Iguanodon skeletons. At the time it was theorized that such a high concentration of multiple specimens in one area indicated that Iguanodon was a herd animal, though this is not the only explanation - it's possible multiple animals could have been drawn together and buried by a flash flood or mudslide.

The quarry was never fully excavated - even though at least 38 specimens were recovered - due to flooding problems, and disruption caused by World War 1.


  • The Iguanodon Mine is the only in-game dig site in Belgium.
  • The Iguanodon Mine was the second dig site added to continental Europe.

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