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Ah, the Huayangosaurus. Another member of the stegosaurians.

- Cabot Finch

Huayangosaurus is a genus of huayangosaurid dinosaur that originated from Middle Jurassic Asia. A small species of stegosaur, Huayangosaurus is more easily contained than its relatives, and is one of the first dinosaur species available to the Hammond Foundation on Isla Matanceros.


Huayangosaurus is a sturdy medium-sized herbivore with small plates crossing its back until its hips, four spikes above its hips and then plates again until its ending with four spikes on its tail. It also has two large spikes on its shoulders. The base genome of Huayangosaurus is a light brown colour with darker brown across its back.


Huayangosaurus is a very adaptable animal. They can live alone or in herds and can mix in well with other herbivores.


The oldest stegosaur known so far, Huayangosaurus comes from the Lower Shaximiao formation in the Dashanpu Quarries in the Chinese province of Sichuan. Compared to later stegosaur's its skull was broader, indicating it was a generalist feeder and was not selective about what it ate. It also had teeth in the front of its beaked mouth, a trait usually seen in primitive dinosaurs such as Lesothosaurus. It is one of many stegosaurs found at Dashanpu. Other stegosaurs found here, though in younger rocks, include Tuojiangosaurus, Chialingosaurus, Gigantspinosaurus, and Chungkingosaurus, the latter being a direct descendant of Huayangosaurus.

Huayangosaurus lived alongside a many other dinosaurs of the Jurassic period, including the ornithopods Yandusaurus and Agilsaurus and the clubbed sauropod Shunosaurus. Carnivores in the site included the swift moving Gasosaurus and the older species of Yangchuanosaurus, Y.zigongensis, the apex predator of Jurassic China, both of which would have been threats for Huayangosaurus.

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  • Huayangosaurus was first revealed on the 23rd of May in an IGN playthrough of Isla Muerta.
  • The in-game Huayangosaurus is notably oversized compared to its real-life counterpart, being almost twice the length (27.9 feet compared to 15 feet).
  • With its genome unmodified, Huayangosaurus is the cheapest combat-capable herbivore in the game, which makes it a good choice to sacrifice for contracts that require combat victories.
  • Huayangosaurus is one of the few dinosaurs in the game with no prior depictions in the franchise's media.


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