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I'm sure they know who I am. Which means you know how I feel when it comes to our research. What I'm doing... what we're doing, is of vital importance.
- Henry Wu

Dr. Henry Wu is the chief geneticist of InGen, responsible for developing the technology to create the dinosaurs used by both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.[1][2]



Henry Wu was the chief geneticist of InGen during the creation of Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar, and was responsible for the de-extinction of the dinosaurs which would eventually inhabit both Nublar and InGen's Site B facility on Isla Sorna.[1] During the fateful inspection of Jurassic Park in 1993, Wu spoke at length to the visitors about the animals, and their supposed inability to breed. While he left the island soon afterwards, and was thus not present during the events which led to Jurassic Park's abandonment, his efforts to control the animals were proven to be fruitless.

Wu returned to Nublar in 1994, to catalogue the surviving dinosaurs and ascertain how the dinosaurs, which were all bred female, were able to breed. He came to the realisation, as Dr. Alan Grant had, that the amphibian DNA added to the incomplete genome of several species allowed them to change gender.

Events of Secrets of Dr. Wu

Following the recreation of dinosaurs once again, this time for the Hammond Foundation, Dr. Wu acquired two undisclosed locations to take his research even further; Muerta East and Tacaño Research Facility. There, he continued his hybrid research by developing completely new species like the Ankylodocus, the Stegoceratops, and the Spinoraptor.



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