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This article is about the Gyrostation. Perhaps, you're looking for the Gyrosphere Attraction from the Jurassic movies.

Ladies and gentlemen, go for the ride of a lifetime at our gyrosphere attraction.
- Jurassic World Announcer

The Gyrostation is an attraction in Jurassic World Evolution, which allows guests to roll around dinosaur enclosures in gyrospheres. While the gyrostation is unlocked on Isla Tacaño, a three star park on Isla Sorna is required to unlock controllable gyrospheres.


A relatively small building, the Gyrostation can be placed along a Fence. Once placed, players construct a path for gyrospheres to follow, which automatically removes trees in the way. However, the path cannot be placed over water. The gyrospheres path can also be routed through fences to create a path that travels through multiple exhibits. The Gyrostation, along with the Jurassic Tour, is one of only two buildings in the Enclosure category which increases the fun criteria of the Facility Rating, thus making it a useful building in any park.

Inventory Expense
Value Tour $4
Standard Tour $10
Deluxe Tour $20


Icon Gyrostation Upgrades Cost
Allows Gyrospheres to be manually controlled.


Main article: Tour Announcer Quotes

If the player chooses to ride the Gyrosphere, certain dinosaur specific and generic quotes will be heard from the park's announcer.

Additionally, while within a certain proximity to the Gyrosphere building, you will hear an announcer saying several lines of dialogue, mainly safety procedures. These include:

  • Welcome to the Gyrosphere, the best way to see our magnificent dinosaurs up close.
  • Please take care when boarding and exiting the gyrosphere.
  • Please keep your arms and legs away from the doors as they open and close.
  • Visitors who suffer from motion sickness should check with a doctor before boarding.

The announcements are spoken in English, Japanese, French, Chinese, German, Spanish and Russian.


  • The Gyrostation is directly based on the building of the same name in Jurassic World.
  • Reaching a three star park rating on Isla Sorna allows the player to take control of a gyrosphere.
  • Gyrospheres will continue following their track even when the player closes the park.


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