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The subject of this article is a character from the Jurassic lore.
The subject of this article is from the InGen Database.
The subject of this article is from the base game.

And now ladies and gentlemen, that we are halfway through the evening... we'd like to offer a special treat to our discriminating buyers. This evening we will preview a new asset that we've been developing. A creature of the future made from pieces of the past. Ladies and gentlemen, please be warned, this is the perfect blend of the two most dangerous creatures that have ever walked the earth. We call it... the Indoraptor.
- Gunnar Eversoll

Gunnar Eversoll is a character mentioned in the InGen Database.

InGen Database Entry

Gunnar Eversoll was engaged by Eli Mills to supervise the operations at the Lockwood Estate after the rescue mission to Isla Nublar was completed. He is a sharp operator with considerable skills in auctioneering.

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