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No, it's a bad idea. We're gonna get arrested, they're gonna shave our heads. and we're going to have to make root beer in the toilet.
- Gray Mitchell

Gray Mitchell is a character mentioned in the InGen Database.

InGen Database Entry

Gray Mitchell was Zach Mitchell's younger brother. Their aunt was Claire Dearing who assigned her assistant, Zara Young, to look after them. They soon evaded her while she was speaking on the phone.

Gray was the more enthusiastic of the brothers for Jurassic World attractions and eagerly explored the park, although he later became upset at the prospect of their parents' divorce. In the Gyrosphere, they took manual control and entered a forest, observing a group of Ankylosaurs.

Gray spotted the escaped Indominus rex, which swiftly killed the other dinosaurs before attacking the Gyrosphere. They escaped, only to be chased by the Indominus until they leapt from a cliff into a river.

The brothers found the ruins of the Jurassic Park Visitor Center, and were able to get an old Jeep running to return to the main street of Jurassic World. Reunited with their aunt, they were in one of the ACU vehicles while Owen Grady and the InGen troopers hunted the Indominus with the raptor pack.

Back at the Innovation Center , Gray and Zach discovered that the lab being emptied by InGen personnel and saw Vic Hoskins killed by Delta. They fled and witnessed the final fight with the Indominus rex.

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