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Species Profile - **ERROR**

Species Profile - **ERROR**

The goat is a horned, hoofed animal that is used as a food source for carnivorous dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution.


The goat is created by placing a Live Bait Feeder, which will continuously spawn goats for carnivores to hunt. Goats are white with two grey horns, floppy ears, a beard under their lower jaw, and a collar around their neck.


  • The goat in-game seems to be based on the Russian white goat breed[1], which is the breed that appears on the original Jurassic Park.
  • The goat's species profile was released on April Fools Day, 2018.
  • Only twenty-five goats can be present in a park at any one time. Spawning more will cause existing goats to die or despawn.
  • Goats, fish, macaws, Pteranodon, and guests are the only non-dinosaurs in the game.
  • Goats are able to socialize with a variety of dinosaur species at random times.



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