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I've gotta give this guy Lambert his due. He actually sees these animals as both opportunity and threat.

George Lambert is the head of Security Division of the Hammond Foundation and is mentioned in the InGen Database.

InGen Database Description

Since before he can remember, Lambert had always been interested in the military and security. Growing up as an only child, he longed for the structure, the adventure and the esprit de corps that being a soldier would provide. Although he was an average student, he was an exceptional athlete and scored high on aptitude tests, which meant he was able to get his chosen occupation when he enlisted sniper.

Lambert would excel in weapons training (as a marksman) as well as in stalking and tracking, skills perhaps even more important to a successful sniper. However, what Lambert loved most was the sense that he had a mission, and that he was part of something bigger and more important than himself. He also liked the bond of brotherhood he shared with his fellow soldiers.

After two tours in the military, Lambert chose to continue to build on his experience as a private military contractor, ( or PMC - the modern euphemism for a mercenary). It was here that he would first come into contact with the Hammond Foundation and the Jurassic World project.

Lambert quickly rose through the ranks with his combination of professionalism and dedication to his mission, which was to protect the guests, personnel and dinosaurs of the Jurassic World facilities. A no-nonsense individual who is always 'on task', Lambert is currently Director of Security for the Las Cinco Muertes island chain.


  • He is one of the rare people in the franchise that Ian Malcolm says good things about.

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