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The Frenchman Formation is a dig site in Jurassic World Evolution.

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The Frenchman Formation is situated in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin in the southern Saskatchewan and the Cypress Hills of south-eastern Alberta. Its name comes from the Frenchmen River and was named by G. M. Furnival in 1942. It underlies the Ravenscrag Formation, and overlies the Battle, Whitemud, Eastend, and Bearclaw Formations. It dates back to the late Maastrichtian stage of the Late Cretaceous, 70 million years ago.

The formation primarily consists of sandstone, but with claystone and clay-cast conglomerate deposits as well. Its widest reported thickness is 113 meters.

Paleoclimate estimates for this formation are 12-14 degrees centigrade, so indicating a subtropical climate.

Abundant remains of Triceratops (of varying ages) and other ceratopsids have been found here, along with other dinosaur fauna, as well as amphibians and fish. Gastropods and other invertebrates have also been found here. It is also a rich site for plant specimens and ferns, gingkoes and others have been recovered in various sites.

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