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A Feeder is an enclosure device that is used to feed dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution. All feeder types are automatically unlocked at the start of the game aside from the Ground & Tall Paleofeeder, and the Extended Feeders which are unlocked through the Greenhouse and on Isla Sorna respectively.


A Feeder is the primary means through which dinosaurs are fed, and each of the ten feeder types contain food that services a specific dinosaur dietary need. The Live Bait and Fish feeders provide carnivorous dinosaurs with live prey in the form of goats and fish, while the Carnivore Feeder and all Herbivore Feeders provide dinosaurs with stationary but easily accessed dietary options.

Each feeder has a set number of food reserves that must be replenished over time by a Jeep from the Ranger Station. It is also possible to manually adjust the rate at which feeders dispense their reserves meaning players must achieve a balance between dispensing reserves in an economical way while also ensuring dinosaurs are kept well fed.

The Extended feeders were added to the game in Update 1.5, while Fish Feeders were added with Update 1.8. The Paleofeeders, which facilitate paleobotany, were included with the Claire's Sanctuary DLC in June 2019.

List of feeders

Herbivore feeders

Feeder Reserve Cost
Ground Herbivore Feeder
10 $150,000
Ext. Ground Herbivore Feeder
25 $375,000
Tall Herbivore Feeder
5 $300,000
Ext. Tall Herbivore Feeder
15 $900,000
Ground Paleofeeder
10 $300,000
Tall Paleofeeder
5 $600,000

Carnivore feeders

Feeder Reserve Cost
Carnivore Feeder
5 $250,000
Ext. Carnivore Feeder
15 $750,000
Live Bait Feeder
10 $200,000
Fish Feeder
3 $250,000



  • The Live Bait Feeder is a reference to both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World's use of live goats to feed their Tyrannosaurus.
  • The Fish Feeder is the only feeder in game that can only be used by a very small dietary niche consisting of the game's four piscivores: Spinosaurus, Baryonyx, Suchomimus, and Spinoraptor.
  • The Ground and Tall Paleobotany Feeders are the only feeders capable of boosting dinosaur rating.

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