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This is a list of all the missions in Jurassic World Evolution and its expansions.

Base game

Island Division Mission Rewards
Isla Matanceros Science Prehistoric Life $1,000,000
Cardio Strength 2.0
Entertainment A Commercial Park $1,000,000
Herbivore Dracorex
Security Security Protocols $1,000,000
Storm Defence Station
Isla Muerta Science The Cure $1,500,000
Research Team Bravo
Entertainment Hazardous Holdings $1,500,000
Security Survival of the Fittest $1,500,000
Electrified Heavy Steel Fence
Isla Tacaño Science Confinement Studies $2,000,000
Herbivore Nodosaurus
Entertainment Cosmetic Enhancements $2,000,000
Security Aggressive Engineering $2,000,000
Carnivore Metriacanthosaurus
Isla Pena Science Needs Management $2,500,000
Entertainment The Star Attraction $2,500,000
Herbivore Kentrosaurus
Security Field Testing $2,500,000
Carnivore Giganotosaurus
Isla Sorna Science The Scientific Community $3,000,000
Herbivore Mamenchisaurus
Entertainment A Jurassic World $3,000,000
Security Hybrid Research $3,000,000
Strong Muscle Fibers

Secrets of Dr. Wu

Island Division Mission Rewards
Muerta East Science New Arrival $1,750,000
Solitary Adaptation 2.0
Entertainment Ratings Increase $1,750,000
Grassland Adaptation 2.0
Security Troodon Taming $1,750,000
Forest Adaptation 2.0
Tacaño Research Facility Dr. Henry Wu Ankylodocus $1,750,000
Improved Lawyers 2.0
Stress Inhibitor 2.0
Stegoceratops $2,000,000
Hatchery Insurance 3.0
Rapid Stress Response 2.0
Single Species Adaptation
Spinoraptor $2,500,000
Confined Space Adaptation 1.0
Improved Marketing 3.0
Indominus rex Camouflage
Loose Ends $3,000,000
Cross Species Adaptation
Group Adaptation 2.0
Improved Lawyers 3.0
DLC items available in
Challenge and Sandbox modes.

Claire's Sanctuary

Island Mission Rewards
Nublar North Restoration $1,000,000
ACU Helicopter Scheduling
Ranger Team Scheduling
The Cause and the Cure $1,000,000
Electrified Heavy Steel
Electrified Light Steel
Improved Output 2.0
Outage Protection 2.0
Relocation, Relocation, Relocation
Sanctuary New Beginnings $1,750,000
Dig Team Bravo
Incubation Speed 2.0
Research Team Bravo
Success Rate 2.0
Paleobotany $1,750,000
Jurassic Tour
Tree Ferns
Edutainment $1,750,000
Additional Fossil Access
Tall Paleofeeder
Sanctuary's Success $1,750,000
Ext. Ground Carnivore Feeder
Ext. Ground Herbivore Feeder
Ext. Tall Herbivore Feeder
Incubation Speed 3.0
Success Rate 3.0
DLC items available in
Challenge and Sandbox modes.

Return to Jurassic Park

Island Mission Rewards
Isla Nublar (1993) Regaining Control $600,000
Ranger Team Scheduling
Research Speed
Unauthorised Breeding $600,000
Ranger Accuracy 2.0
Ranger Reload Speed 2.0
Jurassic Park Era option in
Challenge and Sandbox Modes.
Dinosaur Tour $600,000
Hatchery Capacity
Improved Output 2.0
New Attractions $600,000
Improved Output 3.0
Night Vision
Outage Protection 3.0
Reduced Upkeep 3.0
Jurassic Park $600,000
Incubation Speed 3.0
Success Rate 3.0
Carnivore Velociraptor
DLC items available in
Challenge and Sandbox modes.
Isla Sorna (1993) Facility Recovery $600,000
Dig Team Bravo
Research Team Bravo
Factory Floor $600,000
Ranger Accuracy 3.0
Ranger Reload Speed 3.0