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Entertaining the world with living and breathing attractions.
- In-game description

The Entertainment Division of the Hammond Foundation, headed by Isaac Clement, is responsible for ensuring entertaining and exciting Jurassic World parks on the islands of the Muertes Archipelago.



Dinosaur Requirement Availability
Carnivore Acrocanthosaurus Isla Pena progression Carnivore Dinosaur Pack
Carnivore Albertosaurus Isla Pena progression Claire's Sanctuary
Herbivore Dracorex Isla Matanceros mission completion Base game
Herbivore Kentrosaurus Isla Pena mission completion Base Game
Carnivore Majungasaurus Isla Sorna progression Deluxe Dinosaur Pack
Herbivore Ouranosaurus Isla Sorna Progression Claire's Sanctuary
Herbivore Sinoceratops Isla Matanceros progression Fallen Kingdom DLC
Herbivore Stygimoloch Isla Tacaño progression Fallen Kingdom DLC
Herbivore Styracosaurus Isla Muerta progression Deluxe Dinosaur Pack


Building Requirement Availability
Arcade Isla Tacaño progression Base game
Bar Isla Pena progression
Fossil Zone Isla Sorna progression
Gyrosphere Station Isla Tacaño mission completion
Innovation Center Isla Matanceros progression
Toy Shop Isla Muerta progression


Gene Requirement Availability
Grassland Adaptation 1.0 Muerta East progression Secrets of Dr. Wu
Grassland Adaptation 2.0 Muerta East mission completion
Rainforest Isla Sorna progression Base game
Savannah Isla Matanceros progression
Steppe Isla Muerta mission completion
Stress Inhibitor 1.0 Muerta East progression Secrets of Dr. Wu
Vivid Isla Sorna mission completion Base game
Wetland Isla Pena progression


Upgrade Requirement Availability
Improved Marketing 2.0 Muerta East progression Secrets of Dr. Wu
Incubation Speed 4.0
Research Cost Isla Tacaño progression Base game
Research Speed Isla Muerta progression