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Entertaining the world with living and breathing attractions.

- In-game description

This division helps you with park ratings.  The Entertainment Division of the Hammond Foundation, headed by Isaac Clement, is responsible for ensuring an entertaining and exciting Jurassic World park on the islands of the Muertes Archipelago.

You can unlock Dracorex with the completion of the Entertainment mission on Isla Matanceros. You can also unlock the Sinoceratops on Isla Matanceros if you progress through the Entertainment Division. You can unlock the Styracosaurus through the Entertainment division's mission, if you have the deluxe edition on Isla Muerta. You can unlock the Stygimoloch if you progress in this division on Isla Tacano. To unlock the Kentrosaurus you must complete the Entertainment Division mission on Isla Pena.

Buildings Obtained by doing Entertainment Contracts

- Innovation Centre

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