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We know that all life began in the sea. The primordial soup. Some creatures made their way to shore, and started the chain reaction of land animals. Others stayed in the ocean, like the Elasmosaurus, and set the pattern for the marine life that would follow. This beautiful animal has a long neck, and a flat tail. With the right setting, it should really attract the crowds.

Elasmosaurus is a genus of marine reptile in Evolution 2. It originated from Late Cretaceous North America.


Characterized by its streamlined body, paddle-like limbs, short tail, small head, and an extremely long neck, Elasmosaurus is among the largest plesiosaurs to have existed, measuring an estimated 10 to 14 meters in length, and lived during the Late Cretaceous period, from 80 to 65 million years ago.




Behind the scenes

Elasmosaurus was first confirmed to be in the game in an interview with Game Director Rich Newbold which was uploaded to youtube by user Geektown on October 8, 2021.[1]



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