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The Egg Mountain is a dig site in Jurassic World Evolution.

InGen Database Description

Egg Mountain is a site of particular interest and an outcropping of the Two Medicine Formation in Montana. It is situated just south of the town of Choteau. The site dates to the Late Cretaceous, around 80 million years ago.

The site is primarily sandstone, and was once a seasonal semi-arid environment - likely to have been a coastal plane along the edge of the Cretaceous Interior Seaway.

In 1978, Marion Brandvold discovered some bones that Jack Horner and Bob Makela identified as a new species of hadrosaur that they named Maiasaura. The site contains the highest concentration of dinosaur discoveries ever found, including a number of egg, foetal, baby and juvenile specimens. The finds provided the first evidence that dinosaurs cared for their young, and that inspired the name of the new dinosaur species. Remains of mammals and lizards have also been recovered from this location.

Available fossils

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  • Troodon eggs have been found at Egg Mountain's real-life counterpart, however, no juvenile or adult specimens have been found.