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The Dinosaur National Monument is a dig site in Jurassic World Evolution.

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The Dinosaur National Monument is located within the Morrison Formation in the Uinta Mountains along the Colorado and Utah border. It was established as a national monument on October 4th 1915 by order of President Woodrow Wilson. The fossils date from the Late Jurassic epoch, 150 million years ago. The park contains over 800 paleontological sites.

The fossil layer is sandstone, with some conglomerate from river beds. The region covers 200,000 acres.

The bone beds were discovered by Earl Douglass in 1909 who worked for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. His crews recovered thousands of fossils.

As well as the paleontological sites, this area includes prehistoric sites for the Fremont culture, as well as the Ute and Shoshone peoples.

A variety of fossils including reptiles, and crocodiles have been recovered from this region.

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