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I finally get it. I understand why people have a fear of the dark. Once you peer into the shadows and see a pair of Dimetrodon eyes staring back at you, well, you'll be having nightmares for years. That's if you're lucky enough to walk away, because believe me, not everybody is.

Dimetrodon is a genus of synapsid that originated from Early Permian North America and Europe. It is part of the Dominion Biosyn Expansion.


A pack of Dimetrodon inhabited the Amber Mine of the sanctuary that was created by BioSyn, and they were responsible for the deaths of some human workers in the past. They attempted to kill Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Maisie Lockwood when they traversed the mine, only to be rescued by Ian Malcolm and Ramsay Cole.[1]



Dimetrodon cannot coexist with other small carnivores (with the exeption of Compsognathus and Coelophysis) and fight against them. It also preys on the Homalocephale, but doesn't fight larger pachycephalosaurids, nor will attack ornithomimids such as Gallimimus.


  • Dimetrodon is the first synapsid and the first animal from the Paleozoic era to appear in the game; therefore, making it the oldest prehistoric species in the game thus far.
    • Despite not being a dinosaur, the Dimetrodon is classified as a dinosaur in-game.
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