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Dinosaur Pack

Paid Downloadable Content for Evolution 2

The Deluxe Edition is a downloadable content pack for Evolution 2. It was released on November 9, 2021, alongside the base game and can either be purchased automatically with the deluxe edition of Evolution 2 or independently if one purchases the regular edition of Evolution. The Deluxe Edition Pack comes with extra vehicle skins, three new dinosaurs, a new flying reptile and a new marine reptile. The new species are Attenborosaurus, Geosternbergia, Huayangosaurus, Megalosaurus, and Pachyrhinosaurus.


Jurassic World Evolution 2: Deluxe Upgrade Pack features five spectacular prehistoric animals, including all-new marine and flying reptiles, as well as six unique guest building signs, and three exciting vehicle skins inspired by the Dinosaur Protection Group to use across your Ranger Team, Capture Team, and Mobile Vet Unit teams in Challenge and Sandbox modes.


New Species

A Megalosaurus, added to the game in the Deluxe Dinosaur Pack.

  • Attenborosaurus: Named after the esteemed British natural historian David Attenborough, Attenborosaurus is a genus of pliosaurid that grows up to 6.4m in length.
  • Geosternbergia: One of the largest pterosaurs, Geosternbergia has a wingspan of over 7m and a long, tapered beak that can grab fish out of the water or be used as a spear for catching them.
  • Huayangosaurus: With prominent armoured plates on its back, Huayangosaurus has a spiked tail that helps it to defend itself from predators.
  • Megalosaurus: Megalosaurus was one of the first dinosaurs ever to be discovered, and lived around 155-170m years ago. This carnivorous theropod’s name translates to ‘great lizard’
  • Pachyrhinosaurus: An herbivorous dinosaur from the ceratopsid family, with strong teeth in its cheeks for breaking down tough vegetation.

Other Additions

  • Six Amenity Guest Building Signs, to adorn and embellish your shops and restaurants.
    • Three Food Signs: Sushi, Carvery, and Waffles – Can you make a Sushi restaurant for Nature Lovers? How about a Waffle house for Adventure Seekers? You'll be good to go with these signs!
    • Two Drink: Fruity, and Herbal Tea – Show your guests where to go for fruity drinks or herbal teas with these cute drink signs.
    • One Souvenir: Amber – Your guests will be delighted to take home a small piece of prehistory from the Sourvenir shops. The Amber sign will show them exactly where to pick it up.
  • Three Dinosaur Protection Group Vehicle Skins for Sandbox and Challenge Mode - These vehicle skins are inspired by the organisation from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, established by Claire Dearing. The DPG is a non-profit organisation that focuses on the preservation of dinosaurs, advocating for their right as a species. Adorn your Capture Team vehicles, Ranger vehicles, and MVUs with these gorgeous green and white skins and show the world that you're fighting for the protection and preservation of dinosaurs.