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Paid Downloadable Content for Jurassic World Evolution

The Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack is the second Dinosaur Pack for Jurassic World Evolution, released alongside Update 1.6 on December 13, 2018, for PC and Xbox One, and December 19th for Playstation 4. The pack features three new species of dinosaurs originating in the Cretaceous period, the fearsome Carcharodontosaurus, the titanic Dreadnoughtus and the famed herbivore Iguanodon.


Expand your dinosaur collection in Jurassic World Evolution with a selection of impressive creatures from the Cretaceous period. Jurassic World Evolution: Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack introduces 3 remarkable specimens, each with a distinct set of behaviors and needs.


New Dinosaurs

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  • Carcharodontosaurus: The threatening, carnivorous Carcharodontosaurus has sharp and jagged teeth.
  • Dreadnoughtus: Known for being one of the largest land animals that ever lived, her name rightfully means “fears nothing”.
  • Iguanodon: A herbivore that walks on all fours but can also stand on its hind limbs to discourage predators with its powerful thumb spikes.


  • The Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack was the second Dinosaur Pack for Jurassic World Evolution, excluding the Deluxe Dinosaur Pack released alongside the base game.


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