The Control Room screen for Isla Tacaño.

The Control Room is the feature in Jurassic World Evolution which players use to manage their parks on Isla Nublar and the islands of the Muertes Archipelago. The Control Room allows players to gain an insight into the progress of their park, including finance, dinosaur and facility ratings as well as reputation and contracts with the Hammond Foundation's three areas of interest - Science, Security and Entertainment.

Additionally, the Control Room allows players to quickly navigate between Research, the Expedition Map, available fossils and the InGen Database.

Island RatingEdit

The rating of each island in Jurassic World Evolution is measured by combining both the dinosaur rating and the facility rating. It also outlines how many guests are in the park.

Dinosaur RatingEdit

Increasing the dinosaur rating of each island necessitates creating a park home to several unique species of dinosaur with fully mapped genomes and genetically modified attributes, while avoiding welfare penalties caused by mistreatment.

  • Base Rating - The base rating of each dinosaur provides an inherent score unique to each species. Some dinosaurs, such as Struthiomimus will generate a low base rating, while rarer and more spectacular species, such as Tyrannosaurus and Brachiosaurus have a far higher rating. A combined rating of all species will attract more visitors.
  • Authenticity - Calculates a score based on what percentage of the genome of each dinosaur has been mapped. A higher score indicates that the park is home to numerous dinosaurs with a 100% genome, while a lower score reflects incomplete genomes.

A high dinosaur rating will attract more guests to the park.

  • Modifications - An abundance of dinosaurs which have been genetically modified with improved traits will increase the dinosaur rating.
  • Combat Infamy - Dinosaurs which have emerged victorious from fights with other dinosaurs will attract more attention, and will prove more popular with each victory.
  • Welfare Penalty - A welfare penalty is applied to the dinosaur rating based on the presence of disease, corpses and mistreated animals.
  • Variety Penalty - A low number of dinosaurs, or a high number of a similar type, will apply a variety penalty which can be avoided by breeding large numbers of dinosaurs from several different species.

Facility RatingEdit

  • Guest Injuries - Injuries resulted from both dinosaur attacks and storm damage will negatively impact the facility rating of the island.
  • Shelter Protection - By building Emergency Shelters at key locations across the island, guests are provided protection against anomalous events. However, unnecessarily keeping shelters open will also negatively impact the facility rating.
  • Operational Hotels - The amount of Hotels operational on the island is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a positive facility rating. By increasing the hotel capacity, more guests will be able to stay in the park.
Isla Tacano Park

A Jurassic World park on Isla Tacaño.

Guest Satisfaction
  • Dinosaur Visibility - Whether or not guests can see dinosaurs is a vital component of the facility rating, and can be improved by placing Viewing Gallerys, Viewing Platforms and Gyrostations. Placing monorail tracks above enclosures also improves visibility.
  • Food Rating - Buildings such as Fast-Food and Restaurants improve the food rating of the island, and should ideally be placed close to hotels and popular dinosaur enclosures.
  • Drink Rating - The drink rating of the island is primarily impacted by the number of Bars in the park, which should be placed strategically in areas with a high guest count.
  • Fun Rating - Placing buildings such as Bowling Alleys and Arcades improve the fun rating of the island.
  • Shopping Rating - The shopping rating is primarily affected by buildings such as the Clothes Shop, the prices of which can be increased once the park's income begins to increase.
  • Tranport Rating - The transport rating is important to parks built on larger islands such as Isla Sorna and Isla Tacaño. To achieve a high transport rating, players should build a Monorail Station at key locations across the island, allowing guests to quickly travel from one part of the island to another.