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The Cloverly Formation is a dig site in Jurassic World Evolution.

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The Cloverly Formation is spread across Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah in the western USA. It was named after a post office in Bighorn Basin, Wyoming by N.H. Darton in 1904. The formation underlies the Thermopolis Shale and overlies the Morrison Formation. It varies in thickness between 46 to 122 meters. It dates back to the Aptian stage of the Early Cretaceous epoch, 115 million years ago.

The formation is formed from mudstone, with conglomerate, clay, and sandstone also present. The region was comprised of alluvial and floodplain deposits, with evidence for rivers and pools.

This formation is comprised of three members. The lowest member is the Little Sheep mudstone members. The Pryor conglomerate layer is situated to the north in Bighorn Basin The uppermost layer is the Himes member.

An abundance of remains have been recovered from this region including dinosaur eggs, mammals, and fish.


  • Although the in-game Cloverly Formation is located in Utah, the formation's Deinonychus and Sauropelta fossils were found in the Wyoming and Montana areas of the real-life Cloverly Formation.
  • An Acrocanthosaurus specimen was found in the real-life formation, its only large theropod.

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