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I'm Claire Dearing. I've been on these islands before. On Isla Nublar, I made some mistakes and I've tried to make something positive out of it. I believe in what we are doing.
- Claire Dearing

Claire Dearing was the park operations manager of Jurassic World on Isla Nublar, and later became the founder of the Dinosaur Protection Group after the 2015 incident which resulted in Jurassic World's closure.[1] Fiercely dedicated to dinosaur welfare, she is the author of the Dearing Doctine, for the ethical palaeo-curation of dinosaurs.[2]



Claire Dearing first became involved with Masrani Global and InGen in 2004, when she was hired as an intern in Jurassic World, under a year before it was due to open to the public in 2004. As a young woman passionate about animal welfare, Dearing sought to uncover a mysterious plot which had emerged on the island, and eleven years later, held the position of Park Operation Manager of Jurassic World.[3][1]

In 2015, simultaneous to a visit from her nephews, Dearing was at the centre of a calamity which struck when the genetically modified hybrid known as the Indominus rex, which had been created to revitalise public interest in Jurassic World, escaped from its exhibit and rampaged across Isla Nublar. Setting out to rescue her nephews along with Velociraptor trainer Owen Grady, Dearing eventually reunited with them, and later proved instrumental in defeating the Indominus, releasing the park's Tyrannosaurus, which fought and eventually helped subdue the abomination.[1]

After the incident, which resulted in Jurassic World's closure, Dearing embraced the role of dinosaur rights activist, establishing the Dinosaur Protection Group in 2017 to advocate for the care and rescue of the surviving dinosaurs on Isla Nublar.[4][5]

Events of Claire's Sanctuary

After Isla Nublar's long dormant volcano became active and threatened to kill off the remaining dinosaur population on the island, Dearing lead the charge on a rescue mission to save the animals and transport them to a secure location called the Sanctuary.

With the help of Cabot Finch from the Hammond Foundation, Dearing managed to rescue eight species off the island and built a suitable new home for the dinosaurs, which eventually opened its doors to the public due to Finch's insatiable hunger for profit.



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