I know this one... a herbivore called Chungkingosaurus. Can you guess where it was first found? Don't tell me scientists don't have a sense of humour.

Chungkingosaurus is a genus of huayangosaurid dinosaur that originated from Late Jurassic Asia. The dig site in which Chungkingosaurus can be found is first unlocked to expeditions by the Hammond Foundation on Isla Muerta.


Chungkingosaurus looked fairly similar to Tuojiangosaurus, with diamond shaped plates on its' back but it also has 4 twin pairs of thagomizers, or tail spikes. The base genome of Chungkingosaurus is a light green coloring with dark green stripes on the back with white plates, beak, and spikes.


Chungkingosaurus is a social dinosaur that lives in medium to large groups and can tolerate a relatively populated exhibit, including other herbivores or even small carnivores such as Dilophosaurus.


Chunkingosaurus is one of many stegosaurs found at the Dashanpu Formation. Tuojiangosaurus is the largest of these stegosaurs, while the others are much smaller. It has been suggested by palaeontologists that the large Tuojiangosaurus lived in open plains, while the smaller stegosaurs used their narrower bodies to live in denser forested areas.

Chunkingosaurus was slightly more primitive than most stegosaurs of the Late Jurassic, being a direct descendant of the older Huayangosaurus which was found in the same location at an older stage of the Jurassic. The skull for example is much deeper and the teeth less well developed. However these traits have given rise to the theory that Chunkingosaurus is in fact a juvenile or an adolescent Tuojiangosaurus. However, this has not been proven yet.


Chungkingosaurus lived alongside giant sauropods like Mamenchisaurus and Omeisaurus, the large predator Yangchuanosaurus, as well as other stegosaurs such as Tuojiangosaurus, Gigantspinosaurus, and Chialingosaurus.

Available genomes

Fossil icon Dig site Quality Number available
Ziliujing Formation Onestar2.png


Behind the scenes

The Chungkingosaurus is one of few species in Jurassic World Evolution with no prior appearances in the franchise, and was first revealed through its silhouette in a video released by IGN on May 7, 2018, detailing the first twenty minutes of the campaign mode.[1]


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