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The Candeleros Formation is a dig site in Jurassic World Evolution.

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The Candeleros Formation is situated in the Rio Negro, Neuquén and Mendoza provinces in Argentina. The formation was named for the Candeleros Hill located nearby. It is the oldest member of the Neuquén Group, and sits beneath the Huincul Formation and above the Lohan Cura Formation. It dates to the Cenomanian age of the Late Cretaceous epoch, 100 million years ago.

The formation was formed from a complex river system and is mostly comprised of sandstone and conglomerates. Siltstone (likely from swamps) and soil deposits are also found there. The environment has been compared to the conditions found at the Bahariya Formation of Egypt and the Kem Kem Beds of Morocco.

A vast range of fauna fossils have been recovered from the formation including fish, frogs, snakes, turtles, mammals, and various types of dinosaurs. Preserved dinosaur tracks have also been discovered in the Kokorkom Desert.

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