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Come on, Doctor. You know we've learned so much... and invested even more, in our Jurassic operations since the last time.
- Cabot Finch talking to Dr. Ian Malcolm

Cabot Finch is the head of Public Relations and Crisis Management of the Hammond Foundation, responsible for ensuring the success of the Jurassic World facilities on the islands of the Muertes Archipelago.

He was an intern at InGen in 1993 during the events of Return to Jurassic Park DLC campaign that takes place after the Jurassic Park incident.



With an MBA from Yale that perfectly complements his socialite upbringing, Cabot sees himself as the man behind the scenes who keeps everything running. The hidden hand of power. His job can be complicated by 'anomalous events' within the facilities, otherwise known as guest fatalities.

Cabot uses every ounce of his talents to minimize the damage and financial payouts. Both deceptive and insightful, Cabot is able to see the truth of a given situation, but may keep that information to himself if he sees a way that he can profit off of it. He is a corporate climber willing to take credit for things he doesn't deserve when things go well, and shamelessly shift the blame for his failures when they don't.

Events of Return to Jurassic Park

Sometime after the 1993 Isla Nublar incident, Cabot Finch started working as an intern under John Hammond, thanks to his mother's big investment in the park. Along with Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Ian Malcolm, they oversaw the operation of relaunching the park to the public.

Despite being looked over by the consultant scientists for being too enthusiastic and inexperienced, Finch played an instrumental role in overcoming numerous sabotage attempts from BioSyn and getting the park under control, which restored the scientists' faith in him.

Events of Claire's Sanctuary

After Isla Nublar's long dormant volcano became active and threatened to kill off the remaining dinosaur population on the island, Finch aided Claire Dearing in launching a rescue operation to save the animals and transport them to a secure location called the Sanctuary.

Together, they managed to rescue eight species off the island and built a suitable new home for the dinosaurs, which got eventually opened to the public.


  • In the game, Finch doesn't seem to know what a genome is, a crucial part of the game.
  • Finch has a five year old nephew.
  • Finch has been married at least twice.
  • Finch's mother was a big investor of the original Jurassic Park.